Real World Shootings

What really happens?

Real world life threatening situations happen fast and when you least expect them..        

Talk to our Instructors about their life experiences and watch the news and videos available that show reality.

1. Surprise. No one saw this coming 

2. Happens fast. Only time to react   

3. Very close range   

4. Very chaotic and unpredictable. Training must work on skills and scenarios           

Statistics :

90% of all shootings are inside of 15 yards, take place in reduced lighting and the target is moving. According to two multi-year police reports the average hit rate was 64 percent in daylight shootings and in low-light surroundings, average hits dropped to 45 percent. 

The two major factors attributed to the poor shot hit percentage was 

1. Not enough practical training and 

2. Moving targets.      

75% of gunfights happen at less than 21 feet (7 yards) and 90% at less than 15 yards according to police studies (New York, Las Vegas and LA) and Department of Justice reports.

We want to be your Instructor.  

Self defense is a required life skill.  It is as important as food, clothing and shelter. Only through professional training can you learn the combat skills required in a life or death situation.             

We want nothing more than to keep you and your family safe and protected.          

Being self sufficient and capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones is your duty.  Do not rely on the aid and assistance of others in a critical life threatening event. When seconds count only your tools and training can save you as help is minutes away.